Monday, February 6, 2017

Lady Gaga at the Superbowl

Just a brief rant here.
As most of us in western civilization know, Lady Gaga performed at the Halftime show for the Superbowl yesterday.

And it was impressive. She did aerial acrobatics hooked up to wires, did a full-on dance performance WHILE SINGING LIVE and played piano.


Yet, what do I come across today? People jabbering about the size of her midriff.

Never mind the talent, the show she put on, the artist, herself, has been vocal about her own eating disorder struggles.

So, the compassionate approach of NOT picking apart her body might be a great thing to implement?

Apparently not. For today, after her performance thrilled viewers, we have to hear people calling her fat. And fat is just the code word for “wrong, ugly, worthless, defective.”

Be musically gifted, hardworking, have a heart for the underdog? Nope. If your abs don’t fit some vague criteria, I guess the message being sent it counts for nothing.
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