Sunday, August 30, 2015

Little Diana


As the anniversary of Princess Diana’s tragic passing approaches, I’m struck by not just her beauty or her relatable struggle with eating disorders, but also of one poignant reality: she was once a little girl.

For as much attention as there has been on her princess status, her fairytale bride image and that of her complicated, turbulent life, she, like all of us, once started as a child.

And, being the enormous fan that I am, I have come across many of these childhood photos of her.

We can search the internet and find Diana as a toddler...
 a little girl holding a hamster...
 a big sister to her brother...
 and even an aspiring teenage ballerina.
Like so many of us, she went through the phases and milestones which mark who we become.

And it’s important to remember those truths as we reflect on her life and sudden death. This “people’s Princess” was a vulnerable human being, coping with her own inner child- and everything representative of that. Just like each one of us.

So, as we go about our own lives, let’s stop and pause to examine ourselves, along with those childlike things which have meaning, pain and joy to us.

For all of the mention of the adult woman, Princess Diana, let’s never forget the very real little girl. As we ponder her, may we honor and acknowledge the challenge of our own child selves.

Each one of us didn’t just arrive at where we are. There is a child behind us all.

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